Terms and Conditions

Violation of Using Fonts Without Permission

We fully respect the copyrights and licenses of the fonts we offer in our store. Any copyright infringement or unauthorized use of fonts purchased in this store will result in appropriate legal action. We emphasize the importance of always complying with the licensing terms associated with any fonts you download from us.

The Importance of Purchasing a License First

To ensure that you use our fonts legally and respect copyright, we encourage each user to purchase the appropriate license before using them in any project. By purchasing a license, you support the font designer and ensure that you have the legal right to use it in your work.

All Fikryal Studio Fonts are copyrighted and protected by law.

Use for commercial/project purposes without purchasing our license, whether for individuals, printing businesses, brands, agencies, or companies, must follow our license terms and conditions. You must be willing to pay the Company’s Worldwide license fee and a penalty fee of at least twice the worldwide license price, and a maximum of five times the worldwide license price for violating the use of the license. If you are not willing to take responsibility for the violations you have committed, then we will process it through legal channels.